Hawawshi – Trailer

When a woman tries to save a sexual harassment victim, the crowd at the restaurant don’t  back her up the way she expected.

Mumken Keda

Amir Eid Music Video for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Power Owners

TV Talk show with powerful figures around the world. Season two features icons like Larry King, Bassem Youssef, Edward Snowden, and Juan Pablo Escobar.

Ana El Hayah

Hassan EL Shafei & Mona Abdel Aziz Music video for Danone Activia

The Prophet of Mercy

TV program presented by Amr Khaled, about Prophet Muhammad and his daily life in Mecca

El Nahar Theater

Promo for theater plays performed for El Nahar TV Station

Tick Tock – Trailer

A man decides to come clean with his wife when he has a near death experience.